CSIRA III World Congress i Algier, 7.- 9. september 2019


Organising Committee: Samai-Haddadi. D, Andronikof. A, Zioui. A, Bouchicha. K, Drioueche. S, Ait
Habouche. S, Bedad. N, Chaker. H, Touati. M, Outarbah. F, Morsli. A, Tadjine. S, Bahmed. A, Hassas. L., Yifat Weinberger.

Scientific Committee: Samai-Haddadi. D (Algeria), Andronikof. A (France), Fontan. P (France), Fergani. L
(Algeria), Zioui. A (Algeria), Sahraoui. A (Algeria), Bedad. N (Algeria), Bouchicha.K (Algeria), Gazale. F
(Italy), Rosso. A.M (Italy), Hansen. K.G (Denmark), Carstairs. K (United Kingdom), Mormont. C (Belgium),
Smith. J (USA), Nakamura. N (Japan), Muzio. E (Finland).

Dear Colleagues,
The Organising Committee of the 3rd Congress of the Comprehensive System International
Rorschach Association (CSIRA) reminds you that the Congress will be held on September 7, 8
& 9, 2019, in the Culture Palace Mofdi Zakaria of Algiers.
The meeting of the Council of Administration will take place the day before, on September 6.
The deadline for receiving submissions is April 30, 2019. Abstracts should be sent to:
Arisi.csira3congres@gmail.com. Notification of acceptance will be sent to you within one
month following the April 30 deadline.
To facilitate obtention of a visa, please send ASAP the following documents:
– A scan of the first 2 pages of your passport
– A CV
– Your e-mail address
to: Arisi.csira3congres@gmail.com

The venue is situated in a very nice surrounding, enabling participants to visit Algiers by means
of the cable car, tram and metro. In the vicinity of the Palace of Culture several cheap hotels
can be found, within walking distance of the Palace. The Organising committee can book the
hotel for you, at a special “congress price” of 9000 DA or 40 euros. This price includes a single
room with breakfast. You can also book rooms via the internet, including some offers on ebooking.
Registration fees to the congress (200 euros for foreigners; 6,000 DA for Algerians) can either
be paid in advance to a special account (soon available) or be paid on the venue.
All further information will be sent to you, as well as posted on our website www.csira-arisi.org.

The Organising Committee